Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My dad came home early today because they broke Ella got to spend most of the afternoon with her Papa. He took her to the park to slide and then out to the dunes to ride the 3 wheeler and play in the sand! She had a fun day!

Papa made Ella a lovely hatPlaying with a rope they found at the dunes

She liked to jump (step) over it
Lily.. She almost has more hair then Ella! ha
not really, but it seems to be growing faster then Ellas

Monday, April 27, 2009

This morning I looked out the window and saw this black cat playing with a snake.
Ella got really excited.

she only had on her diaper and I figured by the time I got her dressed it would be gone so I wrapped her in a blanket and we ran outside (I think the neighbors think i'm crazy..ha)
when the snake got away from the cat and headed at her she ran! You can't really tell but thats the snake poking its head up onto the sidewalk (I circled it)

After Ella got dressed we went back outside to see if we could find the snake..she is pointing to the two black cats that like to sleep under papas trailer...
at one point she ran into the house yelling, my papa vroom no kitty! over and over again, I looked out the window and the cat was on his 3 wheeler! ha

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Time with Taylor

Taylor came over to play after church. Ella loves her. Taylor liked to pack her around and Ella would just laugh and hug her and try and kiss her face. Ella was so sad when Tay had to go home, she cried until we bribed her with a bath with bubbles..hopefully Tay will get to come play again!

Tay pushing Ella in the baby doll stroller
Ella pushing Tay
Taylor holding Lily
and this shot was from right after church..Ella was checking out Papa in the kitchen and Lily was..well who knows what she was looking at! But I love how it looks like they are mad at each other and pouting! ha, i'm sure to see this look a lot in the years to come!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Splish Splash Ella

Ella loves taking baths when we come to Grandmas. We don't have a bath tub (we've actually never lived anywhere that has had a bath tub) so she usually takes a shower or a bath in the sink. She really loves taking a bath in the tub though!

Grandma taught her to blow the bubbles off her hand
Then she decided it was fun to stick her face in the one point she was spitting out bubbles..hopefully she didn't swallow too many!
After I drained the water she was covered in bubbles!

Day 4 in Oregon

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 1 in Oregon

Lily enjoying some new toys

I don't think Ella stopped running all day long,
when she finally sat down tonight she fell fast asleep!

My Aunts cat, Frank or Dave..not sure which one!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lilys Blessing Day

I made Lilys bow and bracelet. She was going to wear the same dress as Ella (it was made out of fabric from my Moms wedding dress) but I found this one at the DI and I really liked it, it still had the tags on it so it was brand new and only $3! It looked really similar to the one I wanted to get from Gymboree which was over $70, so I was pretty excited to find it!

Cassie, Me, and Lily
Lily and Grandma Lyn
Lily and Daddy
Papa Steve
Lilys cute peep toe shoes
Ella woke up sick and had to stay home from church...luckily she was feeling much better by the afternoon so she got to play outside and be at Lilys blessing

Ella..she was soo dirty!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cute is my middle name

Grandma Lyn and Papa Steve are here visiting! Mom and I went to Gymboree yesterday and found these cute outfits for the girls..I love it when they have matching outfits!

Ella was having fun jumping on the pull out bed and singing for us
This was how she ended her song!
(the white thing is her microphone)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

3 Months

In 5 days Lily will be 3 months old! She is such a good, sweet baby. She loves her big sister and smiles when ever she sees her. She sleeps all night and takes lots of 20 min naps during the day. She is always blowing raspberrys with her lips and making bubbles. She loves to have you help her stand so she can look around. She likes to watch grandma and grandpas dog. She hates hats but will humor her Mama and wear hairbows (but she doesn't like it!) She has quite a bit of hair (way more than Ella had at this age) She is such a happy baby and loves to be held. When she lays on the floor she can roll to her side, but mostly she kicks with her feet and arches her back to scoot herself more laying on the couch unsupervised! We leave for Oregon on Monday so I figured I should do her three month post before we leave and get busy visiting with family and friends!

We love our little Lily Jane!
She is starting to love the jumperoo
I have to watch Ella really close or she is on it with Lily!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dinner at the Mayan with Uncle Mike

We went out to dinner tonight at the Mayan. We were planning on taking Mike out and leaving the girls with Grandpa Phil, but with Grandma Libby not feeling good we decided to take them with we picked the Mayan so Ella would be entertained. She loved it! The appetizer and dessert was amazing, the actual food, not my favorite but still okay..we had a great table and Ella could sit in her chair and watch the divers and waterfalls while we ate and chatted. We were so close that as the divers jumped the water flew off their wet bodies and hit us in the face, so nasty..I guess that's the price you pay to have your 2 year old entertained while you eat! ha

Joe and Lily waiting to be seated..
there was like a party of 40 that was right before us..nice

Ella playing peek a boo with Mike
She loved watching them dive in the water...
I made Joe keep a hand on her the whole time,
but we were right above the water so if she fell at least she'd land in the water!
Fried Ice Cream, soo yummy
Not as good as the stuff from Cassies familys restaurant, but pretty close
(I really liked the added tortilla thing at the bottom..Cass you should tell your fam about that!)
(Oh and in the right corner you can see he queso dip..sooo yummy!)
I just brought the old camera so the pictures are awful but at least I took some!
Nothing better then watching half naked dudes while you eat..haha so just kidding!
Going in for dessert! Mmm Good!