Sunday, May 31, 2009

The 2 Day Drive Home

On day one we stopped about an hour out of Springfield at the Sahalie falls
Family picture in front of the falls
Lily was so funny, when the spray hit her she stiffened up and stuck her arms straight out to the sides and shook all over (Don't worry Mom, I moved her away from the spray!)

Daddy and the girls

We ended the day in Ontario with some swimming!
On day 2 we stopped at the Shoshone falls in Idaho
we tried to get a picture in front of the big waterfall but we kinda blocked it!
Ella liked this sign because it had a lot of horses
I guess the falls usually have a ton more water...

We also stopped at every McDonalds that had a playland between Oregon and Utah! The girls did amazing on the trip, and it was great to take it in 2 days so we had time to do some sight seeing!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Last Day in Oregon

We went to the beach again today, it was super windy but we sat behind a big log which blocked it all. I am so burnt..everyone else just tanned up nicely! we have been packing like crazy, its amazing how much stuff i've accumulated over a month! Ella follows me and Joe around and won't let either one of us out of her sight, I think she's afraid she'll get left! Poor baby....we booked a hotel in Ontario with a 24 hour pool, if it has internet i'll post some pictures before we head home!

Lily is such a happy babyShe loves to just lay on her blanket and look at her toys
Ella is getting so big
Family foot prints
Joe and Ella

Ella dancing with her watermelon

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Luau Birthday Party!

Volcano Cake
Fruit Kabobs
(we also had BBQ pulled pork sandwiches but I forgot to take a picture..)
Ella and Tay in their Hawaiian attire

Ella wore Lilys flowers too
Alex and Nick
Uncle Harry and Aunt Toni
Tammy and Russ
Tay and Grandma Lyn
Ella and Alex
Mom and Dad
Grandma and Aunt Sue
Tay and Alex
Me and Joe
Lily and Joe
Lily(with a crazy face!) and Papa Steve
The cake all lit up!
Make a wish!
MMmmm cake!
Ella and Tay
Tay, Grandma Lyn, Lily, Me (looking very white next to all these brown girls!) and Ella
The birthday boy!
Everyone in their Hawaiian shirts
Lily eating her flowers

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lake Fun

Today we took the girls to the lake to play. Ann from my Moms ward invited us to go yesterday and we couldn't go because we already had plans, so I was excited to see all the girls there again today! Ella had a ton of fun playing with all the kids! I have a lot of fun memories of going to the lake when I was little. I think we started going every summer when I was about Ellas age. Hopefully we'll get to visit Florence every summer so Ella can have fun memories of the lake too!

Ella and CampShe fell in the water and drank quite a bit of lake..
after that she was too scared to go back out in the water

Danin, Camp and Ella checking out a salamander
Ella and Danin

Memorial Day

We had a fun filled Memorial Day..We started it off by going to the cemetery and letting Ella put flags on some of the graves. Then we headed to Newport to the Aquarium.

Joe bothering me while I was trying to get ready!

Ella putting a flag on a soldiers grave
Family Shot
At the Aquarium
This sea otter was just chillin washing his face, and then all of a sudden he dove at Ella. Right after I snapped the picture she ran like she thought it was going to get her!
Lily hung out all day with Daddy
Joe and Ella with the Dumbo Octopus
Doesn't Ella look thrilled?

Ella with the giant crabs
She ran up the steps and then at the top yelled, "I did it! I did it!" ha
Jelly Fish...
and you can kind of see Ellas reflection
weird fish thing
Ella at the touching pool
Getting eaten by a freakishly large shark!
After the Aquarium (and a trip to McDonalds Playland!) my Mom and I took Lily and headed for Lincoln City to shop the outlets, while Joe and Dad took Ella and headed home. Gymboree was having an awesome sale! I think the girls got 4 matching dresses and at least that many matching shirts, plus the cutest fishy swimsuits ever (pictures to come!)