Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oops I did it again

My blog is FULL! It's really my Moms fault, she insists I put lots pictures of the girls instead of paying the $20 a year to keep the same blog, I made a new here it is...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

4 Years

Today is our four year anniversary! We started the fun out yesterday by taking Lily and Ella to watch a movie at the dollar theater. Ella loved it! It was her first time to the movie theater, or "big movie" as she calls it. The traditional 4th year gift is fruit and flowers. I had no idea what to do for Joe that had to do with fruit and flowers! I bought myself a mixer attachment for my kitchen aid, that sort of has to do with flour right? after googling a bit I decided to make Joe one of those edible arrangements. To have one delivered is like $80 bucks! So when my parents got here this morning we headed to walmart and got all the fruit and then my Mom and I assembled this..I think it turned out pretty good! Then I took it to Joes work and he was pretty surprised! ha, it was a slow day at work so a lot of people had gone home by the time I took it up so I don't think he was too embarrassed by it!

Joe surprised me with flowers and balloons
Then we all went to Tepanyaki for dinner!
We had never been before and when they brought us the soup we were all like, uh there aren't any I told the waitress we didn't get spoons, and she said, "no no, you drink!" ha so we drank! It was really pretty tasty soup!

Ella loved all the food
this is her all happy before the guy started cooking at our table...
He formed the rice into a heart for our anniversary
When he first started cooking he put tons of....well i'm not sure what it was but it was flammable! on the table, and then proceded to light it on made a HUGE fire on the table..Ella screamed and screamed.. she was SO scared of it. The rest of the dinner she was on the look out for more fire, and if she saw it she tried to dive under the table!

This was a small fire..he made a tower of onions and then made like a candle out of it..
then he torched it!
Doing tricks with eggs..this one eventually landed in his hat! When he was all done cooking he went around the table and threw a shrimp to everyone to catch in their mouths. (the wierd thing about this restaurant is that you sit with people you don't know..but it wasn't that weird I guess..) The two other people sitting at our table didn't catch theirs, the first one he tossed at my dad hit him right in the eye! He caught it on the second Mom and Ella hid from the one he tossed at them, and then Ella was mad because he threw something at her, ha. I caught mine first try while holding Lily, skill I know, I don't eat shrimp so I handed it down to my Dad..ha, Joe caught his first try also, and his second one too!
Ella LOVED the food
(the meat was soo good! My Dad even said it was one of the best steaks he'd ever had,
and he has eaten a lot of steaks!
All of us with our cook

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

5 month post

Lily is a bit over 5 months, but I didn't do a 5 month post, so here it is...

Lily has started to love tummy time. Before she would just scream and now she is happy to lay and look around for quite awhile.
She scoots around in a circle on her tummy to get to her toys
She is trying really hard to sit up, but gets way too excited and flops over backwards!
Daddy is trying to teach her to crawl..not to do a flip like it looks!
She really loves chewing on this yellow and pink worm rattle, you can kinda see it in this picture under her leg, its also in the picture above, in her mouth..she loves this toy! When she's in her jumperoo if I shake it, she goes crazy jumping so high and laughing and waving her arms. It's pretty funny.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Family BBQ ....Dawns Birthday

The family enjoyed playing croquet, but had more fun posing with the mallets I think!
The birthday girl!

Ready to put out the fire!

Check out Ella and George,
they sure were watching Aunt Dawn cut that cake!

Stan and Jessica have this cool "barn" (its a storage shed) in their backyard..It would be an awesome background in pictures, however, tonight was not the night! ha, most of mine turned out pretty awful, this was the best one I got of both kids..

Posing yet again!
And a little Lily to end my post!
Oh and I made this dip. It was pretty tasty!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I heart photoshop

We went for a walk this afternoon and took some pictures of the girls..we were going to do a family picture but that will have to wait for another day..

I love her eyes in this picture
Ella was terrified to sit on the fence..for good reason too, about 10 seconds after I snapped this picture she toppled off backwards!

Even though she looks really sad, this was before the fall!
I'm having way too much fun playing with photoshop!

This wall is where we will take our family picture when we go again (much later in the evening when its cooled down a bit!) I wanted to take a test picture to play around with and make sure the lighting looked good, so Joe and Ella posed next to it for me..

On the walk home Ella kept saying, "really cold mama, really cold!" Translation, really hot! ha So when we got to the yard she ran to her pool and hiked up her dress and got in, sandals and all!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ella went with Joe to some ham radio field day today...

On the way there with her own soda!
Eating lunch in the trailer
Napping..this really doesn't look that comfy to me! They are planning on camping tonight, but we'll see if they really do, Ella forgot her blankie on the couch so Joe might have a rough night!
Its really weird to be home with just Lily. We've been keeping busy though, first we went to a few stores in the draper outlet mall, then the di (we got Ella a bike with training wheels!) I got a new picture frame the other day and I needed to fill it so I did a little photo shoot with Lily this afternoon.
Here are my favorites..
She is not as smiley as Ella was as a baby, but I love this little face!

Almost a smile..

Friday, June 26, 2009