Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just some pictures

The first time I tried to put Lily in the swing, Ella pulled her up really high and started counting one, two and I had to grab the swing before she reached three and pushed the swing as hard as she could! (That's how we push Ella in her swing outside)

Sleeping in her swing
Tonight we took Lily on her first walk. We bundled her all up and stuck her in the baby bjorn, then I wrapped my coat around her and put a blanket over her..she stayed plenty warm and slept the whole time!

This is the path we walk can see the new Draper Temple
Lily all bundled up!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our Trip to Kiddie Kandids

Today we took Ella and Lily to have their pictures taken. When Ella was a baby we took her when she was a few days old because they offered free announcements so I figured if nothing turned out this time i'd just get the free stuff and that would be it...well of course that was 2 years ago and they don't do that anymore! The pictures all turned out really great so we bought a bunch and I got birth announcements and a cute birth certificate/picture thing for free! (I love free stuff!) they email you the proofs so thats always nice...anyway here are a few of my favorites!

And these are some birth announcements i've been playing around with...i'm not sure which one i'll use yet...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Lilys first time to Church

Strawberry Hats
Ruffle Butt

Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Girls

Ella is such a good big sister.
She loves to hold Lily and make sure that she has her nuk (pacifier).

Today was Lilys first time to the store.
We went to Kid to Kid and Grandma bought her a new dress for church

Friday, January 23, 2009

Few more Pictures

Lilys first car ride!
Ella sure loves her sister!
This is the same outfit that Ella came home from the hospital in

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lilian Jane McShinsky

Tuesday morning (2 days over my due date) I had an appointment with my doctor to see where I was and possibly schedule a NST for later in the day. When I got there the nurse was saying my due date was the 22nd (thats what my ultra sound had said) so that totally bummed me out that I would have to wait another few days until I was considered over due! They asked if it would be okay if an intern did my appointment/exam whatever you want to call it.. I said sure why not, she was a labor and delivery nurse training to become the actual doctor so I figured she knew her stuff! After checking everything they started talking about a possible induction which got me really excited! She said I wasn't dialated much but I had a high enough bishops score to start something. So they called over to the hospital to see when I could get it! When she came back in she asked if 8:00 that night would be YES! So we headed home and I got all ready for the hospital and cleaned the house! Its soo nice to know when the baby is coming, you have time to get everything ready! So at 8 we get to the hospital and we have to fill out some papers and wait around for 8:30 I was in my room and around 9ish they started me on my first dose of ..I think its called Cytotec (which if you look that up, it has some really scary side affects!) My Mom and Libby got there around 10 and I was filling out the dates on my baby calendar, not really feeling anything yet besides tighting and cramps...4 hours later at midnight the nurse came to give me my second dose.. i was only at a 2! I figured this was going to take days! So she gives me the second dose and says she'll be back to check on me later, they were planning on only two doses of that stuff and then starting me on pitocin at 5am. So after an hour or so the cramps get a little worse but I was going to try and sleep, I think I got a little sleep, but I remember someone walking in the door I think it was my Mom or Libby, I dont remember..and then I rolled over and it felt like my water had broke..either that or I'd wet myself! So they go get the nurse and she tells me no your water didn't i figure okay whatever (this is at like 3:30..) but then the pain gets reallly strong, and I'm having soo many contractions with no break in between..with ella i wasnt planning on getting an epidural so I got this pain killer in my iv which takes the edge off, makes them not too after a while I ask for that. It only last for like an 45 min though, so when that started to wear off and the nurse came in with the pitocin at around 4:30 I asked for my epidural right away!! The nurse was a bit suprised that I was already at like a 6 or something! The epidural guy took his sweet time getting there, and i'm sure I wasn't too pleasant..I just wanted some drugs! after the 20 min or so it took for him to get there and give me the epidural, the nurse checked me again and she thought i was fully dialated but she had to go get some other nurse to check to be sure..what the heck people!..anyway they decided i was fully dialated ( i could have told them that, I sooo needed to push!) but then my doctor wasnt there yet and no one had called her! So I had to sit there for like an hour trying not to push..finally around 6:30 she showed up and in one push Lilian Jane was born at 6:31!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Pictures from our walk

We went for a walk tonight after Joe got home from work. We live in a neighborhood with lots of horse pastures and tonight we took Ella over to see some horses. She LOVES horses. Joe even let her pet this one (I didn't get very close, animals kinda freak me out!)

She was so sad when we had to continue on our walk

It was really cold!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ice Skating

We went ice skating this afternoon with Joes family. I thought it would be a lot easier to skate then it was! I only went around the rink twice holding on to the edge with one hand and Joe with the other! It was lots of fun though so I think after Lily is born we'll plan another trip!

Ella and Joe
By the time we left she was really good at walking on the skates on the normal floor, but never got the hang of it on the ice!
40 weeks pregnant and trying to ice skate..ha
Me and Ella

Joe took her out to the middle to let her try and skate on her own,
I think she spent most of the time on her hiney!

Ella sure likes her Grandpa Phil!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Today while I worked on some bows for the new baby Ella had fun with play dough and crayons

Her first taste of play dough...ew

She was soo excited to have princess crayons
Her favorite is Yellow, and its really cute how she says it
The bows I made for the baby look like the big poofy one Ella is wearing but they are a lot smaller!