Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Ball Game, Beach Trip, and My Birthday

Today Tom had his first flag football game, and Eme got to cheer for her first game. Jake also had another game but in Coos Bay.

Joe and Ella
My Dad and Joe spent the morning at the sand dunes and came to watch
a few min of Toms game before heading off to Scuba Dive

Go Big Blue!
Later in the day we headed to drift wood shores to let the kids run on the beach

Our Family
Ella and Joe
Ella and Joe
Ella running in the water

MMM Crab Legs!...(GROSS!)
I don't have any pictures from my party, but we had lots of fun and lots of yummy chocolate cake! My mom took some so she might have some on her blog...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Naps at the Grocery Store

I have the hardest time getting Ella to nap since we've been at my Moms. She is always way too busy playing with her cousins to nap....So lately she has been taking her naps when we are at the store! She must get her ability to sleep anywhere from her Daddy!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Too weird..

My friend had this quiz on her myspace, so I decided to take just answer random questions about yourself and this is what it said the babys name will be and some things about weird is it that it came up with the name Ella! To bad it didn't give me any more ideas for the new babys name! My sister in law might name her baby Emily if its a girl (she's due before me but doesn't know if she's having a boy or a girl) so Emaleigh is kinda out for us! I kind of like Lilly Ann ..I don't know..hopefully I can decide on a name before she is born!!
What will your baby look like.

My Result: Ella
She will be very talkative and will smile alot. She acts like her parents.

Take This Quiz

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Trip to Oregon

Ella and Jimmy eating skittlesAunt Bethany, Ella and Jimmy at Freds

Ella trying on her new silky pjs
(and my sunglasses!)

At Papa Steves Birthday Party
Dad in his new Fox gear we bought him
Mom giving rides..hehe
Ella at Jakes football game, mmm candy!
Sooo tired after a long football game and lunch at sizzler!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Midnight Sun

On Friday night we had a girls party in Provo. Basically we all just went to Grandmas and ate yummy kind of party! ha, anyway I was talking with Joe's cousin, Jessica and she told me that if you go onto you can read her book Midnight Sun, it's Twilight from Edwards perspective....anyway just thought I'd put this out there for any Twilight fans! Oh and the movie release has been moved up to November 21st instead of December...I also found out the new Harry Potter movie release has been pushed back until next summer! What a bummer!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Utah State Fair

Today we decided to go to the State Fair. My friend Cassie and her mom drove up from Orem to go with us. As we were standing in line waiting to buy our tickets , one of the workers came up to me and asked if I would like some free fair tickets, well duh! Ha, I said I would love some, and he gave me 5 of them , and Bob had 2 so we all got in for free and still had one ticket left over! That was a great start to our day, I love saving money! ha
Ella all ready to go!They had this little farm area/walk thru where Ella got to do all sorts of fun farm activities..
Ella milking the cow, she also fed it corn

Ella picking her apples from the tree..
My friend Cassie and Me!
(yeah the sun was right in my face..lovely!)

Ella planting her vegetable seed

Ella picking her vegetable after it grew..hehe

Looking in her bucket of goodies,
at the end she sorted everything she had gathered and then
she got paid a fair dollar and got to spend it in the little store they had.
She picked out some girl!
We thought they looked like Harry and Hermione..hehe

Joe measuring up to the horse thing
Joe and Ella
We took Bobby with us to the fair, and he had a couple of free passes to ride the rides...this is one of the ones he went on! Brave kid!

Ella got to play one of the carnival games, she won a little green puppy
Joe and I won shirts at the Utah's Own booth/wheel game thingy..they are pretty ugly, but hey a free shirt is a free shirt! ha
And my friend Cassie gave us this adorable
outfit for baby Emaleigh. Thanks Cass!
(We're liking this name the best, it was the first one we both agreed on!)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fall Fun!

What a cutie!
(Her Daddy thought her outfit was funny looking, but I thought it was soo cute!)
Ella in her cute Fall outfit!
Playing with the neighbors dog, Fred.
Waiting for Daddy to come take us to Build a Bear!
On the way to the mall!

Giving her Kitty's heart kisses

Putting in the heart

Giving kitty a bath
Ella with her new pumpkin kitty!

Favorite Fall dessert!
Cream cheese pumpkin roll! mmmm
And last....My new wreath for Fall
(well its really for Halloween but it's still cute!)