Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Long Post For A Long Day!

Wednesday we loaded up the car and headed for Newport to take Ella to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. She had a blast! It was hard to get any good pictures of her because she was way too busy running from one thing to the next!
Ella watching the otters

This tank had the sealions and seals
(ella got sooo dirty playing in the mud here!)

Touching a star fish
I think she's feeling a sting ray here..
there was also a baby shark you could touch!
The newest exhibit is called "oddwaters" and they had some really odd looking fish...
You can barely see the fish sticking out around that big yellow thing
Ella and Joe in the fish tank looking out
This fish swam right up to the glass when Ella put her face up to it
Ella and Joe in the shark mouth
Showing off her new shirt..
it says Otterly Adorable! ha
After the Aquarium and a few hours of shopping the outlets we decided to go a bit further into Tillamook to visit the cheese factory..
Ella and Joe in front of the factory
Me and Ella
Eating Tillamook Ice cream
Posing by the giant ice cream buckets
Ella loved these cows!
She even gave the little one a kiss right on the mouth!
Ella watching the girl make fresh waffle cones
This is where they package the cheese, the windows were like tinted and the lighting was weird so I didn't get any good pictures, but it was pretty cool to watch!
On the way back to town we stopped in Depoe Bay where Joe and I went for our honeymoon. This is the place we stayed, the Channel House..we didn't have a camera when we got married so I took a picture on our way thru town
We also stopped to let Ella run on the beach for awhile
She was more then happy for a break from the car!
Our feet in the sand
Family Picture!

The End!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Trip Up the Coast

For our last Saturday in Oregon we decided to do some of the tourist sites...

Sea Lion Caves
Joe, Ella and Dad went down to the actual cave, it was kinda spendy and Mom and I had already been and it is extremely smelly! So we enjoyed the sites from the road and the gift store windows!!

Then we went on a little further to Heceta Head..
Ella loved playing in the sand and throwing rocks into the little stream

Ella found some of Taylors hair ties and they are now her bracelets...
which she won't let me take off!

This is the view from the cave

Us in front of Sea Lion Caves..
Ella was more then ready to get down and run!

Us at Heceta Head
Ella writing her name in the sand..
when she was a baby we took her to the beach and wrote her name in the sand,
I think we'll do it every time we visit.

This is the picture from Ella's first trip to the beach when she was 5 months old..
she sure is getting big!

Ella in her Sea Lion Caves even glows in the dark! ha

Saturday, July 19, 2008

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