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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nap Time

When Ella wakes up from her nap, she usually wants to bring a blanket and a kitty with her from her crib...well today she wouldn't leave her crib until she had all three kittys, and every blanket that had any satin on it!
Here she is with all her blankies!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Great DI Finds

I have to admit it, I have a HUGE addiction to the DI and good deals! Here are our finds....
Way cool double stroller, looks brand new and retails for 169.99.....we paid $15!
The front seat can even turn around to face the other seat so the kids can kick each other!
AND almost better then the double stroller...we got Ella some salt water sandals that look just like mine!

Every morning after Ella gets up she runs to the door and wants to go outside! If I leave the stroller out from the day before she will climb up in it and wait for me to take her out! Here she is this morning waiting patiently for me to get ready for our walk!
How can you say no to that face?!


Monday, April 21, 2008


New Crib Bedding

Isn't this the cutest boy bedding you've ever seen! We found it at a garage sale on our walk. I got the whole set for $10! Then I was looking on craigslist and found the same set with one more piece (a lamp) for $150! Crazy! Anyway..we won't need it for awhile, but I set it up to take a picture!

Ella didn't want to pose with the new bedding!

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Playing at the Park

Yesterday was a super nice day so we spent most of it at the are a few pictures. It was really hard to get Ella to hold still long enough to get a good picture, so most of them are of her walking away!