Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Pictures

Family picture after church
Joe had already changed out of his nice clothes..oh well
20 Weeks = Half way done!!
And aren't my new shoes cute!

Another family picture

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Sick Baby and a BBQ

Wednesday Ella was sick all day with a high fever. She just wanted to sit in bed with her blankies and nuks (she had to have at least 2 at all times..ha)
Here she is sick in bed watching cartoonsLater that evening we took her to Joe's company work party...She actually did pretty good, she ran around at the park and loved the bounce house and inflatable slide that they had..(I left my camera in the car..oops) They had a raffle after dinner and Joe won this BBQ set. It had like bbq tools and then games you'd play at bbq's and a cooler..I mostly liked the basket .. I had been searching for one for an extra toy box and it works perfectly! He also got a cool fleece blanket that says Cambric on it, thats the name of the company he works for.
So here's Joe showing off his prizes!
Ella is doing much better today, she's been up and playing and actually eating!
She should be back to her busy self tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We Moved!

These pictures are all out of order...but out of order is better then none at all right? ha
We've recently moved to Draper...
and here are a few pictures of our move!

Ella so tired she fell asleep at dinner

Keeping herself entertained playing in the dirt while we load the truck
Again playing in dirt..she gets sooo dirty here! But has lots of fun!
Notice her first little pony tail..ha
Our Junk
More of our junk
Almost done moving out..

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cutie Contest Photo Shoot

These pictures are from the cutie contest we put Ella in back in June..they finally sent me the link to the pictures, and Joe used his scripting skills to save them off their website for me ...I get to pick one to have an 8x8 print made, and these are my favorite three out of 31..ha..she wasn't very cooperative that day !! Anyway I think we'll choose the bottom picture..although I really like the middle one! hehe

It's a.....

This firsts picture is Ella, I wanted to see if they looked similar...

We really don't have a set name yet, but we are liking
Emma Leigh McShinsky
Emaleigh Ann McShinsky
but we still have about 6 months so who knows what name we'll like by then!
(oh and if you didn't know, Leigh is like the girl spelling of Lee..and its my middle name too!)